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A lot of what I knew about Walmart came from third party sources (activists, whatever), so I decided to go to a primary and read Sam Walton's book, and I must say it gave me a new appreciation and understanding for the vast machine that is Walmart. I highly recommend it:


Sam Walton has been dead for decades now, and many of his ideas (giving stock to employees, even store workers) made more sense for the early growth stages he oversaw than the company that exists today.

Indeed. Not sure what that has to do with what I wrote. The history of Walmart is still the same, and that's what I found so interesting.

The history of Wal-Mart during Sam Walton's life is decades removed from the company's business practices today.

True, but I never said it was a book about today's Walmart, just that I found it interesting to learn about that company's history and that I recommend the book.

To which I'll add: the past helps better understand the present...

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