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> There are lots of deployment solutions out there. What there isn't is a handy way to manage and track the assembling and customization of your various things-to-be-deployed, independent of the platform.

Have you actually tried Docker? It does exactly what you describe.

Docker containers are versioned similarly to git repositories. You can commit them to record changes made by a running process; audit those changes with a diff. Unroll the history of any container to reconstitute how it was assembled, step by step. You don't get commit messages because typically changes are snapshotted automatically by a build tool - instead you get the exact unix command which caused the change, as well as date etc. This means you can point to any container, ask "what's in there?", and get a meaningful answer. In theory that would be true if 100% of all code deployed used rpms or debs. In practice that never happens because developers never package everything that way.

You can branch off of any intermediary image. This branching mechanism is used by the build tool as a caching mechanism: if you re-build an image which runs "apt-get install", it will default to re-using the result of the previous run. Uploading and downloading of containers takes advantage of versioning, so that you only transfer missing versions (similarly to git push and pull), and only store each verion on disk once with copy-on-write.

A Dockerfile is a convenience for developers to specify exactly how to assemble a container from their source, independently of the platform. Each step of the Dockerfile is committed, and benefits from the aforementioned benefits.

Customization is a special case of assembly: just use a pre-existing container as a base, and assemble more stuff on top.

All of this can be tracked, managed and automated as described above.

> A deployment tool that did that would become very popular.

Right. :)

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