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The Greatest Job In Advertising (work4rich.com)
11 points by chrisallick 1543 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

Cool. It doesn't look like it actually sends the results. Also you exceeded your mail quota so its not sending any emails.

Wow! Thanks for the catch, we hit the gmail daily quota :(

"That mobile device don't work 4 Rich. Use a real machine."

no mobile, part of the joke.

I do not get it.

Thanks for sharing!

The only thing I can think of maybe is that after submission, the results could be shown to you.

Great feedback. We made the site on an incredibly short timeline so we glossed over a number of things trying to create an MVP, minimum viable punchline :)

with one more day we could have had it work on mobile as well :( we were able to respond to people's tweets with subdomain sites though :) rishi.work4rich.com

thanks for sharing.

Understandable. Still, great concept! This is definitely the future of hiring and a great way to attract talent.

Collosal d-baggery! You need a reality TV show streamed on Netflix! You're 31337!

Am I missing something? Who is Rich and why do I want to work for him?

The person behind "Got milk?", apparently: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Silverstein

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