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There was a grandiose tool at a previous place I worked that was built in-house as a universal deployment tool. It was based on SVN and Rpm with a MySQL backend and an HTTP API, and friendly console and web tools to manage it all.

You could build something as a developer and install it on a machine, and it could run multiple versions of the same application at the same time, including with different ABIs. There were build servers and all the build scripts were automated and vcs-managed. You could package config changes or applications. You could go back and rebuild old crap nobody had looked at in 3 years, and have it actually work. Ops and devs could both use it independently, with ops having the ability to overwrite dev changes. It was slightly clunky, but the functionality was beautiful.

Decentralized, distributed, automated, auditable, and able to support maintenance of pretty much any kind without interrupting existing services. It was fucking sweet, and i've never seen another tool that could match it.

That indeed does sound sweet.

Yep, except quite clearly full of heavily single platform linked assumptions.

Not all software strives to be anything other than really awesome for a single platform, where those assumptions are actually helpful, not detrimental.

It all depends on the use case. Having everything is pretty much the same as having nothing.

Having everything is pretty much the same as having nothing.

Ahh yes, grasshopper. But neither situation is the pure folly of being attached to the idea of such possession!

It was built on a single "stack", but all of the code and technology involved was multi-platform. It would probably take a month or two to make it fully portable. But the RPM database it used was independent of the OS, and it provided all its own dependencies across multiple architectures and versions of the OS. (You could also run it on Solaris...)

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