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Show HN: UIBox – A Curated HTML, CSS, JS UI Component Library (uibox.in)
118 points by bgdam 1308 days ago | hide | past | web | 28 comments | favorite

Hi guys, this is a project I've been working on for sometime now. The rationale behind this has been explained on the blog at http://www.uibox.in/blog/the-whys-and-whats-of-uibox.

Please please provide your feedback. This is just the initial version. Your suggestions will be taken into account to determine future features. So please review.

And don't forget to signup for notifications and a beta invite when I get around to implementing user accounts.

It would be helpful if dependencies like jQuery were visible on the category (tag search result) pages.

Good idea. I was thinking of implementing something like where you could filter search results by dependency, but for now simply displaying the dependencies would work. Thanks!

Looks nice. Here's another site that aggregates jQuery based UI toolkits that you may want to refer to for ideas: http://jquery-jkit.com/

I would work on shortening the number of forward and back clicks required to browse through the different UI elements.

How exactly are you using it? I envisioned it as something like this:

1. Search for item or select a tag.

2. Open interesting item, check it out.

3. Check out similar items at the bottom of the page/tags for that item.

What would you suggest as a way to reduce shuttling back and forth between pages?

Here is a sample usage:

1. Click on the 'combo-box' tag.

2. The next page shows four UI sources: selectize.js, bootstrap-select, custom-select, and jquery-custom-select-menu. I clicked on selectize.js.

3. The selectize.js page has links to the demo, download, etc. It also lists "Similar Components". I would expect these to be the three other combo-boxes, but they are links to other tags (datepick, color picker, ...).

4. Clicking demo opens the target in a new tab. After checking it out, I close that tab, and I'm back to the UIBox site. I now need to click the back button to check out the next combo-box. To check out other tags, I need to go back to the home page.

One option would be to eliminate #3 above and have the demo, download, ... links next to each item on the page in #2. Another option would be to list the other items with the same tag in the Similar Components block.

Hmmm... The similar components are suggested using all of the tags for a particular item. So if it is tagged as 'combo-box', 'bootstrap' then it is equally probable that a date-picker which is also tagged with 'bootstrap' would show up in similar components. I'll look at how I can fine tune this.

As for needing to go to home page to check out other tags, you can search for components from any page and in future i'll be providing options to do a search like '[bootstrap]' to get all the items tagged with 'bootstrap'.

Hopefully fixing the search box and the similar items box should resolve most of your issues.

For now, I have added a Tag menu to the header from where you can easily switch between tags. Please check it out!

Hey man,

This is great, thanks!

I am pretty happy with this component registry... https://github.com/component/component/wiki/Components.

It also has a build tool written in node.js, http://github.com/component/component and has quite a large community surrounding it now.

Anybody got a good date-range selector? jQuery is fine - just need an elegant way to choose a start and end-date of a date-range, and everything I've found has had some type of flaw.

You're looking for jQRangeSlider (http://www.uibox.in/item/179)

If you know a max and min start date the jQRangeSlider is awesome.

For our application we need more flexibility (i.e. no fixed start and end, and we don't support mobile) so this is more what we'd be using http://www.uibox.in/item/31. Click the range tab and you'll see some of the awesomeness.

That looks like a great fit for what I'm building. I'll have to see what I can do about modifying it for mobile. Thanks.

If you liked that component so much, don't forget to 'Like' it and help influence others' search results. Clicking the 'thumbs-up' icon on any item page will like that element, and you can sort your search results by likes and downloads.

Thanks. I think I'd probably like to retain the concept of clicking a calendar or two calendars, but I'll check this out to see if it's a good fit.

Nice. I like the idea of curation by the people.

This one's good as well: http://iwantaneff.in/repo/

Nifty. I've got a suggestion for the visualization category: http://nvd3.org/

Will add it in the next content update. Thanks!

You've spelled calendar "calender." It's the same in the blog entry.

Oops. Will correct it ASAP. Thanks for letting me know.

I like unheap.com as well.

Thanks, I haven't heard of unheap.com. But it looks like its mostly for jquery plugins. UIBox is meant to be much more general purpose.

How does licensing work with this?

UIBox simply links to the original site for the plugin. As such we don't do any redistribution. Most of the projects are distributed under open source licenses which permit redistribution with and without modifications anyway. So I believe this is within the terms of the licenses.

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