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CTL-C: Re-imagined IaaS with Docker Containers (ctl-c.io)
58 points by cardmagic 1371 days ago | hide | past | web | 23 comments | favorite

For some reason this is buried at the very bottom in low-contrast text:

    CTL-C is the brain-child from the makers
    of AppFog.

    AppFog is now part of a $19.8B company
    which means we have the resources to
    back this in a big way. :)

I'm still waiting to see when that Century Link acquisition is going to have any effect on Appfog. Hell, they still do not support node 0.10.x and 0.10 stable was released six months ago. I actually have the same issue with Azure websites, the newest version they support is 0.8.x, while Heroku has up to 0.10.15

Since this is Docker-based, it sounds like it will support any version of Node that you'd like. If you want to run on whatever's on master, it should be possible.

We are not trying to hide these fact, it is just to let people know that this is a legitimate effort from legitimate people with more backing than a vaporware startup has. This is not AppFog though, which is why we do not feature these points prominently.

This should be much bigger. I was ready to dismiss this as some fly-by-night operation using the stock flat theme until I saw that message.

AppFog was built originally around another PaaS, Cloud Foundry. Wonder how this offering will compare with that. I can understand that there would be more control because of the IaaS nature of the offering. Anything stopping them from doing the same with Cloud Foundry ?

Cloud Foundry will be part of CTL-C

It's weird: if it's such a good thing, why not make it more prominent? It was the last thing I read on the page and it left me confused.

Totally nit-picking here, but not a fan of the name and especially domain name `ctl-c`.

Where are containers physically hosted on (Amazon)? How do you allocate resources to containers? I assume that containers can talk to other containers even though they may reside on different VMs.

You will be able to pick where to host your containers and they can talk to each other even if they are on different VMs, there will be an API with SDKs that will make app level topology layouts available to all containers and VMs

So if we pick where to host the containers, where's the markup? How does Ctl-C make money?

So is this totally vaporware with a signup button to judge interest levels?

OpenStack can run with LXC as the "IaaS" tier.

Last time i tried openstack exactly for this reason (2-3 months ago) it was a nightmare to get _something_ to work with openstack + lxc. Nearly undocumented :(

Have you looked at https://github.com/dotcloud/openstack-docker it allows you to use Docker to make it easier to use LXC with openstack.

is this going to appear on github at some stage?

See post by kencochrane. There's a Nova plugin to OpenStack for Docker containers.

Will this be open-source so that we can run it on our own hardware/private cloud/development machines?

I can't speak for this particular project, but Docker (on which this project is based) is already open-source, and you can absolutely deploy it on your own hardware. See http://docker.io for details.


I am probably as close as you will get to an early adopter for this product. Make absolutely certain that I show up on your "customer interview" list. E-mail in profile.

Email sent

Be careful or LayerVault might sue you over that Present icon.

They're using Designmodo's Flat UI Kit http://designmodo.github.io/Flat-UI/

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