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OpenBlas project raising money for Haswell+Piledriver hardware (bountysource.com)
23 points by carterschonwald 1401 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

This paper on GotoBLAS (which OpenBlas was forked from when GotoBLAS died) is a wonderful read on how to deal with the CPU cache hierarchy etc.:


the OpenBlas author has always been super responsive and helpful whenever I've had questions or bugs.

For less than the cost of a single user commercial license for Revolution R, Matlab, or Intel MKL, his hardware costs for continuing to provide a great BSD BLAS/Lapack will be covered for the next 2 years (if he raises the amount of money asked for)

I'd never heard of this project before now. While I'm not ever likely to use these libraries directly, I do use a lot of software that could benefit greatly from a BLAS offering similar performance to MKL.

In particular, if you use Julia, you are most likely using OpenBLAS since that's the default BLAS that we ship with. While MKL still has better performance in many situations, OpenBLAS is not far behind and is catching up. Definitely a worthwhile project to contribute to.

Emphatically agree with Stefan on this. Benchmarking my own haskell codes against OpenBlas is how I keep myself honest! :)

[edit: when I posted the link, the donation funding was at $440, looks like even front page HN visibility doesn't move the needle very easily :( ]

ok, I donated :)

openblas is good successor of gotoblas and financial support to it is quite worthwhile, I think.

Thank you for the support

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