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Feedbin is Open Source (feedbin.me)
43 points by benubois 1398 days ago | hide | past | web | 11 comments | favorite

I've been using Feedbin as my post-google feed reader after trying out a few others, and deciding it was worth the basically-nothing a month to support one of my most-used web apps. I've been very impressed so far, and the UI is great (though I'd like an expand all for the sections...).

I think going OS is a bold move, and with a bit of luck (and community interest) it should help propel some interesting developments and keep it at the cutting edge in the post-reader landscape... and if that expand all thing annoys me enough, I could just code it up myself.


I hope this doesn't mean that Feedbin isn't making (enough) money. I've been using Feedbin (+ Mr. Reader on the iPad) and it's been great. I'd hate for the service to close, even if I can host it myself, I'd rater pay way more.

It's because Feedbin is making money that I felt comfortable doing this.

@benubois: Amazing. Thanks so much. An incredible milestone for a great project.

@mtthwp: No, Feedbin as a service will still require a fee; however, the code itself is now open to anyone. If you really wanted, you could go host it elsewhere yourself (for far more than the monthly fee).

Please pardon my poor reading comprehension skills, does "free as in freedom" equal free as in no monthly/annual fees? I hope not. I actually like to pay for feedbin as long as it means no ads and ensures my data isn't mined.

It (should) mean free as in libre: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gratis_versus_libre#.22Free_bee...

"Free as in beer" and "free as in freedom" confuse me too, because beer sets you free, and freedom has no monetary definition for some people.

This is excellent. Thanks Ben.

In this post-GR era, opening up the code like this really opens up opportunity for serious innovation. As an aggregator/reader developer I look forward to digging in and seeing how you solved some issues.

Thanks again!

This is a great move for me, and I hope ultimately for Ben. This way I'm empowered to fix my own issues, and pay someone else to run it for me.

@benubois slowclap.gif

I switched to Feedly from Feedbin earlier this week and now I feel bad. Will immediately switch back.

Props. I've been considering the same move. It takes guts to make it happen.

This is an amazing decision!

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