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The return of nftables (lwn.net)
65 points by raldu 1305 days ago | hide | past | web | 10 comments | favorite

I filmed Pablo's presentation at the last Netfilter workshop. Check it out if you want a long, in depth, presentation of Nftables.

616 MB video: http://jve.linuxwall.info/talks/NetfilterWorkshop2013/NFTabl...

(there are more recordings of the NF workshop at http://jve.linuxwall.info/talks/NetfilterWorkshop2013/ )

I wonder whether nftables can be used to implement a significantly higher-performance software switching implementation (รก la Open vSwitch). OVS (which is now the default switching implementation in XenServer) has terrible performance with short-lived flows, which has raised our latency significantly when running HTTP proxies on Xen-hosted VMs compared to bare-metal implementations.

OVS is getting "megaflows" that should fix that problem.

I'm not sure that sharing subscriber's link to such a wide audience like Hacker News is really ok. LWN doesn't limit you in the sharing, but some common sense should restrain you from abusing this privilege.

You aren't the first to make such a castigation here and IIRC Jonathan Corbet showed up the last time and said he was happy for it because a massive number of people reading a single article isn't a threat to the business, it is good advertising for subscriptions.

This link was originally posted on reddit:


The submitter there is "corbet", that is, Jonathan Corbet, the guy who runs LWN.

So it's probably fine.

I think he, quite cleverly, submits these just before the week delay for subscribers expires to maximise the advertising for both Lwn's excellent content and their early-access subscription service.

It may be just as you say. But I still think that while it's ok for Corbet to share it widely, it's not ok for just any other one. That is why submitter on HN should add comment that the link was shared by Corbet on reddit in the first place.

Jonathan Corbet himself shared the link on /r/linux:


I see. If it's Corbet's link, then let it go wild.

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