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Web Browser based control system for the RaspberryPi (github.com)
65 points by daw___ 1430 days ago | hide | past | web | 8 comments | favorite

I'm particularly interested in the promise of no keyboard mouse or monitor based wifi registration of the Pi. It doesn't seem like this is complete though. I'd love to see a Raspbian version that, if it detects a wifi dongle, automatically starts an open ad-hoc network usable for configuring the rest of the connection. Something like the way Nest or Chromecast bootstrap.

Isn't WPS mode (WiFi Protected Setup) the right solution here?

If you are interested in the programmatic version of this, I'm working on a project called Nitrogen that enables you to manage a fleet of Raspberry Pis (or any embedded device) and write applications that work across them.

See http://github.com/nitrogenjs/service for more details...

What's the target market, aside from hackers trying to get familiar with the board, or maybe some really basic debugging?

Is exposing pin-level hardware details over an HTTP API really helpful for building larger applications? And why not run that larger application directly on the ARM?

While I'm not into the skueomorphism, I think this is a fantastic idea. Lean heavy on a restful API that makes it easy to skin it ourselves and integrate it into bigger systems. Awesome nonetheless.

isn't this the same idea running a webserver on devices such as a wifi router that let you control the device via a browser remotely, or is there something new here?

What a great idea!

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