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When I tried to use them, they required me to mail in a bunch of paperwork. Stripe doesn't.

Yes thats a huge problem for Paymill, i write them this some time ago, the know it and want to change many things.

But the Problem is not Paymill, it are the acceptance company and many restrictions. I am not sure if stripe has an another way todo it in germany.

How does Stripe get away without the paperwork?

That's what I'm wondering too. They require zero paperwork, though, and Paymill did tell me that the paperwork they sent me was mandatory for all money-processing companies.

Stripe collects information from you before you can start using it -- you'll see us ask for this when you go to activate your account. But we've worked to make it as quick, painless and sensible as possible.

The sign-up process is part of the product, and we treat it that way. Onerous paperwork is not an inevitability.

Well, I don't even remember you asking for it, so you must be doing something right. On the other hand, all I remember about Paymill is that they asked me for the info.

I think it is only possible when the money processing companies from stripe did not want the papers.

But on the other side this means, that stripe is less secure?

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