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CodePath launches free Android/iOS evening bootcamps in SF (thecodepath.com)
29 points by jacquesc 1431 days ago | hide | past | web | 6 comments | favorite

Great mission statement but did I miss it? How will CodePath make money? I assume it is intended to be a sustainable ongoing organization, right?

The idea is that it will ultimately be supported by recruiting budgets. A current model that already exists is the contingency recruitment model which is between 15-30% the first year's compensation. In that model, if one student gets placed, it pays for the entire class.

Future models might be sponsorship, like a mini-conference. Some of our favorite classes in school had companies bring projects to the class and groups got to choose which project to work on.

I agree that being up front about the business model and making it understandable is important. It will let people know there is no catch, but also see what value one will get out of the program

There is a good chunk of us down the in south bay that would use something like this too. Coming up to SF doesn't work for us.

Good point, we're just proving a sustainable revenue model first, but plan on expanding to the south bay, as well as other cities.

This is awesome. Thank you. Any chance of seeing this in the NY area/East Coast?

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