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Good job, butthurt nationalist losers ;-).

And if this were done by jews being oppressed somewhere, your reaction would be the same?

Not that you'll take this advice, but I'd really recommend spending a little time thinking about what if you were born with a different last name.

Would you be a butthurt loser then, by dint of that last name?

I'm congratulating them; hence the winking smiley-face. What the hell?

This is an online prank. Have you actually decided to treat it as a serious political protest?

Congratulating someone by calling them "butthurt" and "losers" doesn't work. Your post is rather offending and your last name does indeed spoil your stance in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict but nevertheless your comment is inappropriate and was uncalled for.

Hey kids, check this out! http://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/

Heil Netanyahu!

Somehow, you two seem ... a bit out of place.

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