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Disruptions: A Blogger Mocks the Denizens of Silicon Valley (bits.blogs.nytimes.com)
31 points by nickbilton on Aug 25, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Valleywag is the TMZ of silicon valley reporting, it isn't clever humor, satire or insightful. It's mostly poorly written articles with limited research going after easy hits and the lowest common denominator.

There's some irony in defining your job as noting how self-absorbed silicon valley is from an article that exists primarily to boost a self-absorbed ego (picture and all).

The rationality of why it's better for them to be in New York is probably the most enlightening part. Clearly they need to be based in a place free from a hostile culture that's focused on image and wealth. Can't have their hard hitting journalism be stifled.

This doesn't deserve to be posted anywhere, much less on the front page.

Gossip rag aside, alot of the criticisms brought forth by valleywag is on point...

There is A LOT of dumb money. There ARE a ton of idiot startupbro/princesses.

Anything to deflate the delusional silliness bubbling up here is probably a good thing in the long run.

The HN hivemind loves to rally against the stuffy culture of the corporate world. Are the rapgenius bros any better?

Let's ditch the douchiness and get back to the good ole days of building meaningful, truly world-changing, shit out of our garages.

Half a century of paparazzi and celebrity gossip has now deflated the delusional silliness in Hollywood--it's time to bring that style of hard-hitting journalism to Silicon Valley.

Silly analogy. Hollywood bros don't claim to be saving the world nor do they cast themselves in a superior light than all the other bloodsuckers.

When you take yourself this seriously (Saray Lacey... classic example), you're going to get ridiculed and made fun of. Rightfully deserved too.

IDK. Digging up people's private lives is not cool (e.g. valleywag's articles about Eric's open marriage), but pointing out blatant douchiness is admirable. We need more of that shit to keep us all in line (e.g. Sandberg's unpaid intern fuckup - which let's be honest is fucking disgusting).

Enough toeing the line brah.

agreed. I kept reading after "pure gawker" and regret it.

tabloid writer assholes aren't just for hollywood now I guess.

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