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.Net and C# are prime examples of Microsoft waiting until someone else invented something (Java) and then doing it again. The problem is that it seemed that was the strategy for everything! Very little innovation mostly just copying and one upping.

That's not really true.

C# and Java do look the same, but the use cases for them are totally and completely different.

Java is a cross-platform language used when you don't want to write code more than once for more than 1 platform.

C# is a Windows-exclusive deal that gives you access to WFs and other Windows-centric things, including some low level shit that would be a pain to deal with otherwise.

Despite the languages looking really similar, they don't fill the same slot.

Remember MS-Java? As I recall it was a superset of Java. So you could migrate your java programs effortlessly towards MS, but couldn't get away!

I'm glad they lost that lawsuit

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