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>>>>>He will be remembered for missing mobile

Windows 7 and 8 were the first mobile OS that didn't completely rip off Apple, had the first original interface since Apple's iphone and you're saying they missed the target? Seriously?

WP 8 has some incredibly original features my Android and Apple friends swoon over. Not to mention the platform is completely wide open for developers. It's not completely crowded out like the android and apple markets are.

'the platform is completely wide open for developers'

Like hell it is. If you're a small individual developer, you get the 3rd class treatment and access to their "open" api. If you're a big company, you get much more access to the OS than everyone else. Example: when WP7 was introduced, only large companies could make apps using the double wide tiles for their apps, individual developers didn't have access. This and MANY other examples were prevalent all over the platform. I know of an ex-MS developer who complains that only large companies get access to the faster and better undocumented apis not available to everyday developers. As for incredible features, WP8 also lags behind android and apple in many areas.

> Windows 7 and 8 were the first mobile OS that didn't completely rip off Apple

Is everyone here too young to remember Palm, Windows CE, Pocket PC, et al?

We need new terminology for describing the transition that occurred once we had pervasive smartphones with built-in app stores, because it's nonsensical to claim that "mobile" didn't exist before that.

> Windows 7 and 8 were the first mobile OS that didn't completely rip off Apple, had the first original interface since Apple's iPhone and you're saying they missed the target? Seriously?

Personally I think WP8 is an excellent OS. But it's a distant third in market share.

Just wait till Windows Phone 8.1.

Timing plays a pretty big part in them missing their target.

Completely wide open for developers = nobody is developing for it?

It's like my Google+ account ... wide open for my friends. Except none of them are on there.

Based on market share Windows Phone is a disaster, so yeah that's a miss.

A disaster that was released in 2012? In the fourth quarter of 2012 Windows 8 phones had sold around 6 million handsets.


I'm sure you must have been saying the same thing about Android then huh?

By comparison they only sold around 640K handsets in 2008 (their first year of release) then sold around 6 million in 2009.


WP7 was released in 2010. Three years later they now have an estimated 3.3% market share. If that's not a failure for company the size of Microsoft, and with the millions spent on marketing, I don't know what is.

I'll never say never, but it's looking pretty much like the Zune. Nice and solid product with some nifty features, but not different enough to dethrone the dominant players.

The problem is that Apple dominates the high-end and calls the shots regarding the operators (that by experience knows that they will lose customers if they don't offer the iPhone), while Google panders to all the OEMs by giving away a very capable operating system with top notch apps, and to operators by allowing them to customize it with crapware.

There's the May 2011 purchase of Skype. A year later Nokia said that made Windows Phone toxic to a lot of carriers; I have to say it doesn't look like wise move in conjunction with the Windows Phone effort.

Not a valid comparison - the smartphone market was much smaller in 2008. The percentages would be more interesting/valid, but that's exactly the problem - the market is getting closer to saturation/more mature now and so Windows Phone has more trouble getting elbow room because of it.

Yep. WP should have been released much earlier.

It runs IE.

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