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I think that .NET was being developed some time before Ballmer ascended to the CEO throne. Gates probably had more to do with it than him.

Ballmer is/was probably a good CEO for a conservative, old school company, which can derive profits from a stable and well used product line.

But that's not what MS is/was advertised as being about. In that circumstance, Ballmer is the wrong type of CEO.

And it's worth noticing that many parts of the .NET framework have gone through horrible hiccups. I mean, while the C# language is great, it feels like every framework built around a .NET seems to be implemented and then dropped without substantial improvements about 3 years later. As a developer, nothing ever seems to get fixed. They get replaced, and the replacements bring a new learning curve and a suite of new bugs and problems, and these bugs can never be fixed for backwards-compatibility reasons.

So we get a constant barrage of misstep boondoggles like Web Forms, Click Once Installers, Linq2SQL getting deprecated almost as soon as it was launched, etc. And with every step a larger pile of configuration and attributes that need to be added to get things to play nice with the OS.

I hate Microsoft, but... there are crappy frameworks in Java-land, too. I don't know that Oracle is going to do any better with future Java frameworks.

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