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Stick it out, yes... that's the most important part. That's the hardest part. I think most people who have a startup want to quit at some point. It has to hurt. You have to move through the hurt, because everytime you keep going when you want to give up, someone else out there with the same idea who got to the same point where you want to give up... well, they actually gave up. They gave up which means more customers for you...

I was at a library once and this was a very popular library. There was a whole crowd of people waiting outside before the library opened all wanting to rush inside and find a desk where they could sit and read the books. The security guard had to yell at the people twice DON'T RUN! It was insane.

So what I found was, the people who went the farthest into the library were most likely to find a spot. Some people went in say, half way and instead of simply going farther in, they stopped and turned around and went back and hunted through the desks they'd already passed hoping to find a desk everyone else had passed up.

But on the next floor or closer to the corner, there were still open spots! Those readers simply didn't go far enough. They gave up too soon and so someone who went farther got an open spot those who gave up could have gotten.

It was a metaphor for startups... "Keep walking!" that's my motto. If a customer says no, keep walking, find another customer. If you find a bug, keep walking and fix it. Just keep walking. Don't stop. Don't turn around. You'll stumble, but pick yourself up.

Damn, it's hard sometimes... it's really hard sometimes. You'll want to cry (you'll notice those go from tears of sadness to tears of joy as you walk), you'll want to smash your computer. You'll get depressed. You'll get hungry and have no food. You'll sleep on the floor. Everyone will think you are crazy. You are crazy. Crazy is good.

Just keep walking.

This is certainly true. I always said to myself that running a startup is like running a marathon. If you can just move one step at a time BUT KEEP MOVING, soon, you'll arrive.

That's what i did when i finished my marathon last year. Just one step at a time, no matter, how much i hate it (especially started from 30km+). The metaphor of cry from sadness to joy and everything else is so spot on pj!

Winner never Quit, they just set higher standards...

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