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It's funny how Windows 8 is singled out as if other Windows versions are any better. Windows 7 can be securely used till 2020? That's the cut off date for updates from MS. The same MS that the article says " For the user there is simply no way to tell what exactly Microsoft does to their system through remote updates."

The above is true of Apple and Google, but it is glossed over.

First, I fail to see any relevance or technical info about what the TPM or trusted boot has to do with the issue at hand.

If anything they should be warning people about using Chromebooks where everything is uploaded to the cloud by default, same with Google Apps and Skydrive. Or Outlook.com and Gmail.

Oh, also be careful about Ubuntu, Shuttleworth said he has root on your machines.

In short, this is a rambling article full of technical sounding gibberish designed to get semi technical folks riled up with scary sounding buzzwords instead of actually educating people.

Edit: Fixed typo reported in reply.

"First, I fail to see any relevance or technical info about how TPM or trusted boot to the issue at hand."

Is that a sentence? It sort of looks like a sentence, but something seems missing.

I'm assuming you're not a computer, have you tried using context clues to figure out what the author might have meant? This isn't Reddit, we don't need grammar Nazis or joke threads here.

The sentence looks like the author started a thought but didn't finish it. I doubt moocowduckquack was taking a cheap shot at the grammar so much as wondering if the author didn't finish the thought.

wasn't a grammar issue, it was that the middle of the sentence seemed to be missing and that it was confusing enough that I thought it useful to point out, and now it is fixed and makes sense to people, yayy :)

Sorry for my misunderstanding then, glad it's worked out for all involved. :)

Windows 8 features MS's version of Apple-style walled garden app infrastructure, which is in turn protected by hardware TPM. Windows 7 can be installed without this hardware support, but will utilize it when available (by securing signed drivers). Windows 8 doesn't require TPM (yet), Windows 9 has been in development since before the release of 7. TPM support was introduced as a core component in Vista, iirc.

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