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I had Windows 8 RTM installed on an old ThinkPad that I eventually wiped clean and put Ubuntu on. Granted its not a new laptop with Windows 8, but still, its not impossible to install Linux on a Win 8 laptop.

The notebook hardware made for Windows 8 behaves differently than all PC hardware before. It's irrelevant that the old ThinkPad works, it didn't magically change because the new software arrived.

No it doesn't. There were plenty of pre-Win 8 motherboards that had UEFI on there. Apple's been using it in their computers since the Intel switch in 2006. I don't know what you think is going on with your computer, but every other Windows 8 computer I've touched behaves identically to all other PCs, with the exception that Secure Boot is turned on by default.

I talk about the new Windows 8 notebooks not "motherboards."

Notebooks use motherboards, just like desktops do. And they run the same firmware. Apple's Macbooks have shipped with EFI since 2006.

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