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Because you can only install software approved by Microsoft, you cannot install software on it for detecting a backdoor installed by Microsoft. These computers are only more secure if you trust Microsoft. If Microsoft can't be trusted (and they can't be, as they are under NSA's jurisdiction), then the Windows 8 computers are less secure.

But wait, it gets worse. At least in the case of MacBooks you only have to trust Apple, but in the case of Microsoft you also have to trust the computer manufacturer. And that's a really tough pill to swallow.

I actually hope that Windows 8 will be banned by governments in the public sector, as Trusted Computing is a scourge upon this industry.

Um, wait-Windows 8 will allow you to install any old x86 Windows program. Only Windows RT is locked down to such an extent. I hope HN doesn't have Slashdot levels of ignorance concerning Windows.

> I hope HN doesn't have Slashdot levels of ignorance concerning Windows.

Only Windows? HN also has Slashdot levels of ignorance concerning the legal system, patents, copyright, and the music industry, and these are only the topics I know something about. I avoid political discussions, but from what I'm told, those are just as misinformed.

Note that I am no expert in those topics either. I just took the time and effort to research those on my own rather than accept the sound bites media puts out.

When it comes to technology, there's probably no better place. (And even that I would caveat with an exception for Microsoft technologies, where you'll find more FUD than knowledge.) But basically for anything else, don't expect much from HN.

Before jumping to conclusions, take your time and read about how rootkits work and why it is hard to detect rootkits. Also I love it when new users give warnings about HN's evolution.

It doesn't make sense. TPM is only "less secure" for running a non-Windows OS, which isn't possible. Windows is the problem (security-wise), not TPM (which has many other problems) - isn't it exactly as secure for running Windows as running Windows on a non-TPM computer?

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