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What portion of people you communicate with email were you able to convince to use PGP with you?

My understanding is, that there isn't an email privacy, since at least they will have your metadata. In my limited understanding, secure communication is to be done using some secure chat service.

The important first step is to give the option of encrypted communications to people that want it. Also, not all email is sensitive, and you can convince the people that matter, e.g. coworkers, friends, family.

I'm also fairly sure that Google will start integrating PGP into their desktop clients (Android, iOS) because this is affecting their bottom line (just wait until governments will start banning Gmail usage in the public sector).

For most contacts you just move away from people who don't use secure communication and may compromise you in the future, no need to convince someone. Works for me.

"For most contacts you just move away from people who don't use secure communication"

people aren't JS libraries, you can't/don't "just move away from them"

"Hi Mom, I just want you to know: I am deprecating our relationship to "acquaintance" because you use Gmail and an iPad"

Those of you who downvoted this comment, please explain your reasons.

E.g. here are mine: not enough people communicate securely right now. I can't just abandon everyone; that's way too isolationist for my personal taste. Still, if you want to that _is_ an option.

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