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This post highlights some of the reasons why I don't like Google+, and dislike it even more than facebook.

> Posts are crawled and indexed almost immediately

I used to use RSS feeds for quick indexing. Well, I guess we all know how that turned out when G wanted more users for G+.

> Add Google authorship information to your online content

The technique for this really disgusted me the first time I read about it. The easy method is basically linkbaiting to G+, not to mention that no other provider of authorship info is supported. Why do we have microdata again?

> Make your content easy to share on Google+ with relevant social sharing buttons

Yes, no, thanks. More intel and links for G.

> Completely fill out your Google+ profile with relevant and engaging information

Yeah, because people should rather publish good content on G+ than their own sites.

> Make your posts public

Of course, you only get all the benefits if your stuff is public on G+ and generates more traffic for them.

All in all I have to say well done Google. Good for you anyway. And good for people who want to hire a social media.. err.. ninja. Not so good for people who want to publish their own content on their own sites or even other social sites.

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