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I'm able to connect to amazon on port 80:

  telnet amazon.com 80
  Connected to amazon.com.
  Escape character is '^]'.
  GET / HTTP/1.0
  Connection closed by foreign host

Interestingly the AWS Dashboard is also down. However, it at least comes up with an error message saying 500 Service Unavailable, whereas amazon.com itself just never responds.

Are AWS nodes/services themselves down, or just the Amazon web interface?

Same, can't get to the console or any other service. Our instances do appear to be responding however, so they aren't completely down.

Down for me since about 2:50PM EST - was working with Amazon Affiliates API so I noticed immediately when it wasn't responding.

The status page says that AWS is OK:


It appears that AWS SES is down right now as well.

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