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noinput on Aug 16, 2013 | hide | past | favorite

It's kinda cute how Google is down for twenty seconds and there's already a thread on the front page with 40+ points and 15+ comments

Edit: and it's up again already (at least for me). No more need to panic, people.

My website was down for 4 hours last week and no one noticed :(

>> It's kinda cute how Google is down for twenty seconds

It was actually a few minutes for me. Although by the time I realised there were alternative search engines it was back.

I tried to search for "bing" in my chromebar....didn't go so well.

I bet Bing goes down all the time and nobody notices.

On the contrary, I bet if Bing goes down it would within minutes spawn hundreds upon thousands of posts along the tunes of "LOLz BING!"

Among the internet's many obsessions, watching MSFT fail must be near the top.

I prefer panic over calm rationality.

Even better, just reading this title induced a small amount of fearful discomfort. Not very different to 'electricity grid is down'.

/me needs to reflect on life

Now waiting for a "Google is up" thread...

it's already on the front page..

I am experiencing the same. It literally went down RIGHT NOW.


Edit: Vancouver, Canada.

Edit2: 4:01pm PST and it is back for me, though isup.me still shows it as down

Edit3: Now when visiting Google.com, it redirects to google.com and appends "gws_rd=cr" to the end of the url [1]. Didn't notice this before. Anyone else experience the same?

[1] More info here: http://webapps.stackexchange.com/questions/46591/what-does-g...

Same. Chrome url box search isn't working. I just used bing unsarcastically.

EDIT: canada as well.... Aaaaand it's back.

Judging by this response (and I get this is a technical crowd), this illustrates how google effectively IS the internet at this point.

Google and Facebook are the internet.

And HN.

2 minutes ago. Sergey Brin: "Ahh, so that's what that button does!"

Sigh. 7 minutes ago... browsers not working, multiple devices. Check "both" google.ca & google.com... fail, so from there I naturally assume the Internet is down or else it's a router problem. Reboot router. Then read this. Sigh.

Yep. Me too. How often does this happen in this age. I thought it was my internet connection. Funny how I use HN favorite to test my internet connection.

Google fonts stopped working all of a sudden... I imagine a considerable number of sites worldwide will have weird typography for awhile.

It always amazes me when Google goes down. They must do everything they can to prevent it but yet, it's still possible.

Did the Google JQuery libraries go down? That would take down much of the internet.

Also, this follows the Google DNS outage yesterday.

> That would take down much of the internet.

Much of the _web_, the internet is doing fine :)

Just came back online for me.

How is it even possible for this (global blackout) to happen when the entire operation is highly distributed, both geographically and techically? I mean, even implementing a "red button to shut everything off intentionally" would be hard.

Honestly? Shit happens. we get better over time, but sometimes things just break in unexpected ways, or people make mistakes.

You are right but that explains why part. I'm not sure how I would do this even if I wanted to.

Config update error sounds like a good explanation but everything (mail, news etc) went down simulatenously and globally. Might be a global load balancer / routing configuration error though.

I'm also curious about the people involved. I mean, when I break something when say a couple hundred of people are online on our website, I panic a little. If I break Google, that'd cause a heart attack.

It is distributed -- google.com doesn't work for me in SF, but VPN to UK works fine.

It's been down in the UK too.

most google search outages at this point are the result of some kind of bad configuration push.


I believe that should not cause a simultaneous problem like this, given all the caching layers involved.

it wasn't down in europe

Really curious to see the impact of this on alternative search engines (Bing, Duck Duck Go). If it would last a bit longer, they might go down because of the sudden huge load. Cascading failures across companies!

I noticed that right after it came back online, google.com redirected to google.com/?itsfriday.

Anybody know anything about that?

Is the changing 'I'm feeling lucky' button new or has that been there previously? Mouse over and it changes. Clicking 'I'm feeling stellar' takes me to a page about the Hubble telescope, 'I'm feeling puzzled' to a Google games page.

It'll be interesting to see whether or not Google releases a statement as to why they were down.

No reason to panic, it was just the Google Search team finally deciding to use their 20% time.

I got both simultaneously server timing out and 502 error


That's weird, I just did a google search for google and it's.............

This is my favourite pet hate - colleague says they'll Google it <types Google into search bar. I mentally tear my hair out and dive out 5th story window screaming>

It looks like it's up to me. Are you sure you're not just banned?

It was down in the bay-area as well.. (not it's back). It wasn't only Google, it was also Gmail, url-shortner and other services

Pittsburgh down for the past 5-10 minutes though I was able to access it twice in that time frame.

EDIT: Seems to be backup. Wonder what caused the hiccup.

Can't seem to access any of their services. Went down at about 23:50 UK time for me.

Edit: Seems to be back online although a little slow.

My gDrive is down....

edit: Suddenly, I think twice, about my work living in the cloud. The pros and cons are too heavy to weigh right now.

The way to think about this is that they have dozens of people who were already scrambling to fix it by the time you realized. You're not going to build an alternative with better uptime than Google.

Level 3 had service disruption yesterday too. So did AWS - what's going on this week - git hub too....

Maybe they had to take them down temporarily to install new PRISM boxes.

I can get to google.com but not mail.google.com at the moment.

--edit: now I can't access google.com either.

same. no access to google apps. google.com going up and down.

It's fine for me. Surprised it went down though. That's got to be pretty rare.

Anyone else notice that google.com now seems to force ssl even for non logged in users?

duck, duck, gooooo

Yah a LOT of google seems to be down. Gmail, and search, at least. Central Iowa here.

What did people do before Google? Ah yes, I recall now, Alta Vista. Chuckle.

Same here in Chicago.

[edit] And it's back up. I guess WWIII has not just begun.


Went down for us as well. :\ We thought it was us at first. Ha.

Time to Bing it up guys!

I thought it was "Bing it on".

I hit it exactly during the outage. I was flabbergasted. :O

Alright, show's over -- everything works again haha

Search page and Apps accounts both seem to be offline.

It was down for a few minutes in Buenos Aires.

The Endz Of The Worldz! Fucking Kangaroos!

I thought that I will never see this day.

First GitHub, then Google.

Way to ruin my workflow, guys.

This is the fastest submission on HN.

It seems to be up for me in Texas...

No problem here in Mountain View :)

Down for me as well in Los Angeles.

Android apps/services down.

I'm getting a 502 on Gmail.

...And it's back.

Nothing to see here guys.

Working in Manhattan at 18:56

Came here for this. Thanks.

Just lost it in California.

Still down here in Brazil

Fine here (Leadville, CO)

Youtube also went down.

gmail was just down in southern Ontario, working okay now...

Up in Sacramento, CA.

It down in St. Louis!

which regions are afflicted? Netherlands here... down

It's global.

And it's back.

Its back to normal.

coordinated attack? LinkedIn search is also down...

Just came back up.

Los Angeles - DOWN

This post is getting upvotes faster than any I've ever seen.

It's up now.

... and its back

Back up for me.

Youtube, too...

Back up for me

i take a bet of 5 min 00:00 gmt+1

drive.google.com is down as well

Up now.

it's back in brazil

it's back for me

Some intern is getting fired

works here in SF :)

works in SF :)


do i use yahoo?

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