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Side Issue: do Americans really say "penny-wise/pound-foolish"? I'd have thought it'd been dollar.

And what exactly is a po-dunk school when it's at home?

> do Americans really say "penny-wise/pound-foolish"?


(1) Yes

(2) A po-dunk school is any school not on the coasts and not in the top ten, possibly excluding a small number of top-tier schools in "flyover country."

(*) Flyover country is the large area you fly over when traveling between, say, Boston and San Francisco.

> do Americans really say "penny-wise/pound-foolish"?

Yes, as well as the similarly anglocentric (but somewhat oppposite in perspective) aphorism: "Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves."

do Americans really say "penny-wise/pound-foolish"?


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