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"ask me anything about running a profitable social media company".

Except for that reddit is not profitable.



Funny story about that. When we were owned by Conde, the accounting was a little different (they took on some of the charges, like Akamai), and so we were actually told we were slightly profitable.

When that blog post went up I was as surprised as you to see it wasn't profitable when I was there.

But weren't you "deeply involved in the business?"

Yes. What point are you trying to make?

I think his point is that he doesn't understand accounting and how complicated it can be so he thinks that if you were deeply involved in the business you should know every facet of every debit and credit.

If he's right I guess I wasted about 300 hours studying for Financial Reporting and Analysis section in the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program.

Since this isn't reddit, I won't just say: ^^this.

But yes, I believe he was trying to point out that I couldn't have been involved if I didn't know, but doesn't understand the ins and outs of G&A and other such accounting practices.

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