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I laughed. Deft trolling. Bravo.

Why? Looks like a legitimate question to me.

Some time ago the HN hivemind went through a period of blind Node.js love. Now it's going through blind Go love.

Regardless of what you think of either language, "rewrite in X" is not a magic incantation that will spontaneously solve all your architectural issues. Designing a good architecture involves balancing many components, of which your primary implementation language is an important, but not exclusive, element. There are also the organisational issues -- hiring, spending time not adding new features, etc.

Perhaps so, but then it would fit into the category of 'unaware of being a parody of itself' statements/questions that are also (unintentionally) humorous such as the classic "I can tell that site was built in rails from the design".

He forgot building the 2012 Servers outlined in Jeff Atwoods blog post "Building Servers for Fun and Prof... OK, Maybe Just for Fun". Gotta do that for bleeding (profusely) edge power.

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