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Balanced Certified Developer Program with API Xchange (balancedpayments.com)
29 points by jareau on Aug 15, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Refreshing to see a startup that's creating actual value, instead of buying in to the social apps bubble. Looks like the guys are from outside SV (from the midwest?), so that might be have something to do with it.

Colorado actually :)

(I'm one of the co-founders)

Very few SV startups have founders that are from SV in my experience.

midwest love. :)

Just found a Balanced dev last week on API Xchange and he's working out great. Saved a lot of time filtering contract devs for requisite experience or familiarity. Nice.

Happy to have you guys on board!

This is really awesome. A great way to propel an already thriving community around a product. Balanced is killing it!

Convenience always wins!

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