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This review is for a relatively new book. I prefer the classic(there's a section - flow in sex for the curious.[had to mention as it has been sexytime last couple days here with orgasms and all!].

If you need the classic : http://www.amazon.com/dp/0060920432/ Flow:The Psychology of Optimal Experience

This book is not those personal-help books, instead inspires/motivates you to overcome (hacking pseudocode for the layman); if I may compare - very similar to talk about getting over "the wall" by Randy Pausch, but this book gives more insight 'behind-the-scenes'.

I second the original book. It's a good read and offers up a simple recipe for finding/building flow experiences. I suspect most hackers already have experienced flow and that maybe this experience is what keeps hacking such an addictive activity. But it's cool to think about flow in other arenas of life as well.

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