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How could you ever do this?

Let's say you don't trust Google. But your friend does, and he stores your name, address, dob, work email, private email, and mobile number in his address book. What now?

Now let's say he has uploaded some photos of a bbq you were at. You notice somehow because you don't want the photos of you up there. He responds by making them private. Now you don't know. What now?

You say to "never impose your own decisions on others", but here this is unworkable.

Vog's comment (like my blog post--thanks for linking, vog!) is directed at your friend, not you; it's trying to tell him that he shouldn't be storing your personal info in his Google account without getting your permission first.

this is unworkable.

Only because so many people are sadly unaware of the implications of posting data to the cloud. That's why I thought the issue was worth blogging about.

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