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Hey Chris, appreciate your participation here and on SO.

Are you at liberty to provide more insight? I'm really curious to know why some (and not all) accounts were affected.

(I also work at Facebook) We have systems that block spammy apps that are 99.9% of the time really incredibly sophisticated and get a ~0% false positive rate.

This is a case of the 0.1%. :( Folks here are scrambling to undo this. Very, very sorry. Things should now (17:47 PT) be all set. Please do comment on the bug link if you're still having issues.

Still can't see a few of my apps - App ID: 152351391599356

This one should be fixed - thanks for passing it on!

Can you check again? We think that we've got them all, but I want to verify that it's still missing.

Yep. It's back.

[nod] We'll look into it. Please follow / comment on the bug thread at https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/702273849788774

I don't know the root cause, nor how many apps were affected.

Edit: Sorry, don't mean to sound evasive here. I just don't want to provide incorrect data.

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