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Ask PG: What Do You Think Of Hyperloop?
49 points by gordonbowman on Aug 13, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

Honest question: Why would PG's thoughts on Hyperloop be particularly meaningful?

Because he has interesting insight that many value and few themselves can realize and convey as well as he can.

Really? There's a thread of over 800 comments on it already. I think most things able to be realized have been realized. My favorite realization: no bathrooms.


FWIW Hyperloop doesn't bring much to the table, even if it would work (in principle, yes, in practice, many years and billions to iron out the kinks), there are many better options. Further, the biggest question is QUI BONO? Rich people who want to shave an hour off their inter-dealing travel time. Much better to spend the money on, say, automated busses, to shave 30 minutes off the commute times for the many.

I....wh... that really needs to be explained to you?

(This is classic Shit HN Says material.)

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