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Show HN: Redistats - Web stats using Redis (redistats.com)
29 points by JimWestergren on Aug 13, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

Seeing as this is software as a service and not open source, whats up with the name? Why does it matter that you are using redis? I see you mention it in the "modern proven technologies" section, but that's not a selling point(to me anyway).

You are right. That I am using Redis is more to appeal to the HN crowd ;) For the user it does not really matter.

I like the name, it is difficult to find names you like available with .com.

I was hoping for a software distribution. Looked pretty neat and then saw it was similar to Analytics, etc. where it is hosted. Any chance you guys will be offering a self-hosted version?

Maybe in the future, it's beta right now. But you can host the stat data yourself using your own Redis instance. It is hosted in Germany (Hetzner).

Same here, I'd happily give it a go if it were self hosted since I was planning to build one from scratch, specifically with redis.

Any suggestions on how such a license system can look like? We spent 2 months developing this, I would not like to give away it for free / open source.

Well, with other software distributed versions of software where it's licensed I generally have seen a 'maintenance' fee yearly for distribution, meaning that technically the software itself is free, but you're charged yearly/monthly to continue receiving updates to it.

http://haveamint.com/ are self hosted stats. $30 per site.

Anyone find it a little odd that in their demo from fullmovies.cc they are publishing the IPs from hits? I don't think the users would really appreciate that.

You are right, fixed.

"Latest technologies" might want to say "Proven technologies" since latest can imply bleeding edge and possibly unreliable to some folks.

Perhaps yes. But I feel SPDY and Redis are more "latest" than "proven". I will have to think about this.

Redis is very much proven, tech giants are using large redis databases for quite some time now, see e.g. Instagram or StackOverflow.

Maybe go with "Modern, proven technologies"?

Thanks and corrected.

Been testing the beta out, very very good stat system, will definitely convert from Analytics.

Let me know what you think. I will listen to your feedback.

Looks interesting, I will check it out.

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