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Alternate suggestion: Have a textbox that says, "If you don't mind us asking, where did you hear of us?"

Then the radio ad or whatever can say, "Enter DAN SAVAGE as your referrer to receive a free gift!"

That would likely combat the problem of people quitting the checkout process because they saw a coupon box and hunted for a code. However as a method of tracking referrals I'd expect its usefulness to be close to zero, as it ostensibly is still a coupon, and will appear on the websites that offer them as such.

actually. Do it right and it's even more useful.

People might voluntarily divulge who referred them to your store. Only with the correct entry do you get a discount, as an added bonus to people who answered.

So incorrect results arn't technically incorrect, they're just bonus data.

This is exactly how RockAuto does it. If you enter an unknown string, it probably goes into some database that they can use for advertising. They also send out deal codes over email that are intended to go into the referral box.

Yey for the Lovecast!

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