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Matt Wynne: Half-Arsed Agile (mattwynne.net)
10 points by mattwynne on Aug 13, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I call bullshit. This reminds me of a story of Richard Feynman, where he was arguing with the painter who claimed that he can create yellow by mixing white and red. Feynman of course disagreed, and at the end the painter admitted, that indeed, "a little bit" of yellow is needed.

Either Agile is more productive on it's own, or it just doesn't work. This is just making excuses. The technological gimmicks like continuous integration, TDD and other things the author suggest should be tested independently of Agile.

Half-Arsed Server Capacity

Yikes! :) Working on it...

No worries, I was just being the worst kind of my grumpy German self. Ignore me. :)

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