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The problem is that for locales other than the "C" locale the LIKE operator will not use indexes unless you explicitly tell postgres to use text_pattern_ops. However, if you do that other comparison operators will not use that index. Effectively, what you have to do is to use two indexes on the same column, one using text_pattern_ops and one using the default operator class.

I know this is not a bug so it's debatable whether it should be called broken. Let me call it a broken design.

[Edit] And there's another workaround that allows you to avoid using two indexes. You can use text_pattern_ops and use regular expressions for all comparisons, even for equality. This solution may have other performance drawbacks. I'm not sure.

Trying to understand the issue: I suppose text_pattern_ops is a special kind of index optimized for LIKE searches? Then why should other queries use that index? Serious question, since you call the design broken - but what would be the proper way to do it in your opinion?

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