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Coding is a small part of a developer's job. Given a simple task, a programmer can code to it. A software engineer can create a proper design that expands out to solving a wide range of problems, a design that is easy to maintain and flexible enough to deal with problems.

I don't want to see someone's first solution to a problem. I want to know the solution they came up with after 5 mental iterations and a few hallway discussions with peers.

I wonder if the better approach (for a company like this one) would be to hire 4-5 good programmers, and 4-5 bad programmers, and let candidates write the tests; assign the candidates that most successfully identify the on-staff good coders from the bad ones the highest score?

It sounds about as silly as this scoring does in the first place anyway...

So the natural follow up question here is, do you have an interview process that will give you this information for a given candidate?

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