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I wish this company well, and perhaps they'll be successful, but I don't think they've nailed down some ultimate formula for ranking and hiring programmers. This system sounds very easy for low-quality programmers with lots of time on their hands to manipulate - you sign up with a throwaway account with some fake name, get the list of questions, take your time searching for the answers online, and then sign up with your real information and have a carefully prepared way of typing out answers that get you high scores. If this achieves any measure of traction, you can bet that this will happen a lot.

This isn't an easy problem to solve and is something that companies have been struggling with for a long time, so no disrespect intended. But based on my understanding of how this works I don't think it will be very likely to yield great results.

Thanks for the critiques, and yes, it's not an easy problem.

There are countermeasures. For instance, who said we'll let you see the whole question bank? And if you type a close enough approximation, out come the plagiarism checkers.

But when somebody's gone to the trouble to make a database online of every problem, I'm happy, because if that's so we must be successful enough that we have plenty more resources to game their gaming.

Or even easier: never mind doing it yourself, just outsource it to some guy that already has shown the ability to achieve a high score.

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