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The hardware business is dead and dusted. Amazon needs a platform to sell you things, not a difficult hardware business. Blackberry's only useful assets are their enterprise software and sales teams; everything else is noise.

And patent portfolio.

Depending on where Amazon wants to take Kindle, that could be useful.

True. And it's not like Amazon doesn't have the money to splash around.

Amazon is already in the hardware business and it is far from dead and dusted. Sorry to disagree. The Kindle Fire is a significant component in their business, it's currently running on Android, BB10 is an excellent OS + platform. Makes sense to buy BBRY, port to Kindle, disjoin from one of your biggest competitors and keep or eject the remaining pieces of BBRY hardware available on a case by case basis. The Q10 is a nice piece of hardware and BB10 is a great platform.

It's a natural fit and like I mentioned above Amazon was quite interested 18 months ago, I doubt much there has changed except the fact that the market cap for BBRY has fallen since then, making it an even more attractive asset to Amazon.

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