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And, even once you've got password logins working, authentication works really strangely in postgres. Every database has a single "owner" (based on who created it) who has full permissions. If you want to make more permissions available to another user, you have to grant them manually, on a table-by-table basis. Want to grant SELECT on every table in a large database? Sucks to be you!

Compare this to MySQL, where there's just a single magic table of permissions, and you'll begin to see why a lot of system administrators prefer MySQL to Postgres as well. :(

You can accomplish this using SQL. These guys have written some handy functions to grant permissions on multiple relations: http://pgedit.com/public/sql/acl_admin/index.html

I must mention that pgAdmin makes this MUCH easier to do.

Even so, the fact that this functionality isn't built in is kind of a turn-off.

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