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Does anyone else suspect that Blackberry/RIM's troubles might be something along the lines of what has happened to LavaBit? Wasn't their device/architecture similar to LavaBit's at least in that comm's were sent encrypted to a server either controlled by RIM, or by a third party (individual companies, gov't agencies, etc.)

Then, some time in the not-too-distant past, various world governments started making a big conspicuous deal out of getting "lawful access" to those servers.

Then, there were a few widely reported reputation damaging service outages.

Then, they became unable to design and manufacture a new phone, despite years of experience making Blackberry phones.

Given the surveillance controversy, BB ought to be "killing it" as some say, except that new BB10 devices are more like BB branded commodity smartphones, the data is no longer encrypted en-route, and the cost for "secure email" has gone up dramatically, and is licensed separately where it used to be a built-in feature.


No, as a moment's thoughtful speculation would make clear. The public information we have about Blackberry neƩ RIM is entirely sufficient to explain why they're floundering.

When governments came knocking, RIM didn't even put up a fight; before Snowden, they were largely considered the last vendor you'd ever choose, if you cared about your privacy from governments. They had the same excruciating soul-search for a new OS as Nokia, once Apple and Google leapfrogged their early-2000s shitty UIs, and then settled for a good platform when it was way too late. So I'd take the tinfoil off...

RIM is Canadian isn't it?


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