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Canonical should buy them. It would give them a platform for their Ubuntu OS on phones, instead of trying to use crowd-funding.

Introducing the Ubuntu Edge: The world's first triple booting phone, with Ubuntu OS, Android, and BlackBerry 10. That would be awesome.

Don't taunt me with such a wonderful fantasy. Blackberry/Ubuntu is just about the only thing that would make me drop Android.

Microsoft has always been a good fit for taking over Blackberry, but MS and BB have diverged too far.

Google might just pull another Motorola move and buy them up to add to their patent portfolio.

Canonical has a revenue measured in millions, BlackBerry in billions.

Reality aside, it would also make them owners of QNX.

Something really cool could come out of Ubuntu Touch and QNX if they could open source it.

This would probably be the worst of both worlds.

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