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I really hope they'll do a spin-out of QnX and/or open source it under a license that allows forking. That would be a major move.

QNX is a huge asset to the company, raking it customers worldwide in the embedded/real-time/safety-critical software markets. Open sourcing QNX would be a major move, as in a major loss, indeed!

If QnX is not an asset to the buyer because for instance, they already have an OS offering of their own this might just happen to pacify the various users out there (corporate, governmental). At least like that they could be relieved of the support burden of maintaining two OS's.

More likely to sell it or spin it out. A buyer could open source it though.

When BlackBerry bought QNX they removed the source code so don't hold your breath.

Was the QNX source ever available?

Yes, it was available until 2010 - when they were purchased by RIM.

See: http://community.qnx.com/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.commun...

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