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It like how it looks, but much like Flickr I dislike how it's biased towards landscape pictures. Some of my best photos are portrait, but they get overshadowed by the landscape ones.

I imagine the algorithm to cater to both is much harder, because you wouldn't be able to treat each row in isolation, can it actually be solved to a good standard?

If you prefer portaits: use columns instead of rows and scroll horizontally instead of vertically.

If you want to avoid the bias you have to try something else: e.g. reorder the images, overlap them, convert to square format…

You can also use free placement, i.e. not restricted to either rows or columns.

Maybe something like my grid solver[1] would do. Thumb sizes must be chosen beforehand, but you could specify just 2 classes: one for portrait, one for landscape.

I haven't touched this code in almost 6 years now, so don't expect too much :)

[1] http://phoboslab.org/files/grid-solver/demo/

I actually have the opposite problem on https://www.photographer.io/en/photographs/explore. I liken it to the idea of rows vs. columns; Flickr and this are organised in rows, and Photographer.io/Pinterest etc are in columns. I've had people put their votes in for both, so I'm not sure which is the best option really. And I certainly don't think I've got it right as it is at the moment.

We tried to give portrait photos more space by using column layout @ http://www.thephotoduel.com/top-photos

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