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Show HN: We made a low-budget ‘how it works’ video. What do you think?
34 points by Jmetz1 on Aug 11, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

I like the video, reminds me of a porn scene with a really hot mom and hunky delivery guy, even the soundtrack sounds like a 70's porn tune. She is bored and unsatisfied with the domestic chores, but the Washio-man is coming over to deliver and put her at ease! With the innuendo of the deed in progress and completion in the form of a iPhone Washio in-progress and completion indicator. Very well done, I think it appeals a lot to the unconscious mind.

no intent to do that. but now we know whats on your mind

My critiques (as a film professional).

1. The first 3 shots are very warm, then the 4th shot, a wide in the same location is cool, followed by another warm shot. Not a huge mistake, but annoying for me as it's jarring.

2. The storytelling is a bit lacking. She seems annoyed at having no laundry, but I don't get the feeling that she's too busy for it. I'd rather see her rushing around in the morning trying to find something clean to wear. Also, once the laundry is picked up, show how busy her day is. She gets home, the laundry is delivered, then she can collapse on the couch in front of the tv or with a good book, or conversely she pulls out the little black dress from newly delivered laundry for a night out on the town. Considering the most likely customer they are either a very busy professional or someone who doesn't have to work. The latter would typically not be attracted to a representation that shows them to bored to do laundry, they imagine themselves as busy (and if children are involved often are).

And I agree that the cookie should be a surprise, don't give it away in the video.

All in all for probably very little money, you have a nice video. Nothing that's going to win awards or go viral, but it gets the point across.

#1 is above my head as a layman but #2 is right on.

Basically one shot looks to be a different color than the shots surrounding it (tending toward blue as opposed to orange or vice versa). Since they are supposed to be in the same place at the same time, they all should have the same color hue or temperature.

thanks pro. ;)

Congrats on the vid.

I'm interested in the use of 477 key phrases in the keywords meta tag. Is keyword stuffing no longer penalized by Google?

FYI https://www.getwashio.com/ brings an "Insecure information" / "Connection Partially Encrypted" warning in Seamonkey / Firefox. Not a major issue but might irk some visitors.

should we cut down on the tags?

Clickable link @ http://youtu.be/nT8xXIdwDGo

For anyone interested, this is about Washio (https://www.getwashio.com/), a Dryclean and Laundry Delivered service, and the video is about How it Works.

yeah thought of putting it in before... fixed now ;)

the video, if it is self-made, is really good. possible the one or another scene i would make a little different, but generally it´s awesome.

some further thoughts: the cookie should be a surprise, and nothing which is getting usual... with such small things you can surprise your customer again and again.

when it comes to your landing page:

- please make the button clickable.

- make the "try now"+ zip code entry above the fold + video smaller

- add a price table which looks more professional

- add a discount / free trial to the first order

- add the notify me directly after zip input, if service not available. if you get featured somewhere in a huge magazine, you will use thousands of potential leads here.

thanks for then input.. working to implement em.

try to dive a little deeper into usability / conversion rate optimization. I am just writing my thesis about web usability evaluation. there are tons of easy applicapable methods out there, do get a "customers view" on your own project.

Think about which questions a skeptical client could have and try to answer them.

e.g. what if my something is washed-out? satisfaction guarantee?

we are big optimizely fans. New site should be release soon with much improvements. new web app and iOS coming soon.

Is the video self-made?

yup...even features some of our own Ninjas

When the url flashed up on screen at the end, I felt compelled to go to your site, so I'd say it worked. Very since production quality for a low-budget video. I would be highly tempted to use this service if I lived in the areas you are servicing. Nice job!

thanks for the <3

The video is good, but I would strongly suggest changing your brand to something whose domain you can buy. Hopefully you can get washio.com, because to be honest getwashio.com is really not a good domain. It's arguably worse than thefacebook.com.

Yeah, my first thought was to go to washio.com, then to wash.io. I would've never made the jump to getwashio.com without being told about it.

Shouldn't it read "En route" @0:35?

It should, just didnt get a chance to update codebase pre shooting

Nice job, but I thought it had a peculiar choice of music. It doesn't seem to fit the demographic or setting shown in the video.

Good promo video. I clicked through after I saw the cookie. Nothing like eating a cookie while someone else does your laundry lol.

Thanks... we are taking away your stuff, so we figured enjoy something sweet till we get back 24 hrs later.

awesome. little things like this differentiate companies a lot. this can be the difference on whether they remember your brand or not! good job over all.

I think it's pretty professional and clear. I don't know much about video editing, but as a normal person it looks nice.

thanks for the input

Slick! I'm curious, how much time and money did you spend for making this video?

A few hours of filming and a few hours of edits. Our amazing ninjas graced us with their acting skills. David, the cameraman loaned us his house, camera and his mad skillz. Nicky Blitz is also a friend and was nice enough to let us use the track. All in all, there were some costs, but very minimal. Concept to youtube in one week.

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