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How I used Dropbox to store my website content (blog.abhiomkar.in)
18 points by abhiomkar on Aug 11, 2013 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

I do this for a few dozen smaller less important sites. I have the master copy in a git repository on the server (in /var/www) and then create a symbolic link into my dropbox folder which sits in my home directory. This solves any permission issues, and I occasionally SSH in and commit the changes in git so I know its all safe in case dropbox mucks up.

Next enhancement will be to have something which alerts me if dropbox suddenly deletes my files so I can recover from git.

The advantage here seems pretty obvious: updating static content through Dropbox is pretty much the ideal (especially for cases where multiple people are involved: shared Dropbox folders are a godsend.)

My question is that of speed, though. Is this going to be noticeably slower than, say, using Frozen-Flask and regenerating the site whenever you detect any changes in Dropbox?

This is a better way of using Dropbox to store website content than I have been using. I am linking directly to files in my public folder, but load times are slow, especially on my Minecraft photos page.


Not to mention using the public folder (which I believe does not exist anymore for new accounts, requiring users to share individual files) has a bandwidth limit. If a file exceeds the bandwidth limit, it will stop being shared.

Check out site44.com - it's an off-the-shelf solution to do this.

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