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Youtube Easter Egg - One for the Geeks
54 points by webdisrupt on Aug 9, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 26 comments
1. Go to youtube.com 2. Play any video 3. In the page (i.e. not in the search bar) 4. Type 1980 5. Enjoy and happy Geek Week!

Type 1337, view the comments.

Nothing changed.

Type 1337 not with the numlock keys. And check comments.

Sigh. It was a joke, in reference to the abysmal quality of YouTube comments.

They start looking exactly the way they should. Not worth wasting time on.

I always hide them with css.

Click the whitespace near the comments, then type 1337... Don't do it in the search box.

I cant see it.

Click the whitespace in the comment section and don't use the number pad.

Best easter egg ever! Is that new?

Probably the 'Geek Week' change. Only noticed after the 'Geek Week' started.

where's the js script to scan all 4 digit numbers triggered eggs ?

It is nice that Google still allows Easter Eggs. Many other companies (e.g. Microsoft) have outright banned them.

I find it amusing that London's buses are plastered with Geek Week publicity, but until now I've not seen any actual geeks mention it.

I think it's because it's 'Geek', not Geek.

Folks who play video games, and have seen the new Star Trek movie. Not targeted at those who have an opinion on Haskell and have an opinion on Torvalds.

This is why I prefer a clearer distinction between 'geek' and 'nerd'. A geek cares a whole lot about the history of background characters in star wars, or about collecting limited-run Japanese mecha toys. A nerd cares a whole lot about his/her favorite scripting language, or about inorganic chemistry.

One can, of course, be varying degrees of either and/or a mix of both.

The whole geek movement is doing so well because it's so easily monetizable.

All the culture producers are playing in to it because it's easy to make money that way. So rather than shunning the D&D players and trekkies like they used to in pop culture, they now target them because they realized there's more money in it.

Quite accurate. I was hoping for some sweet dev talks or something special for 'Geek Week' but all I got was a bunch of gaming videos.

A snake game can be triggered with the help of direction keys before the video is loaded.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/dZr1wR9


If you right click on a video, it will show a "Stats for nerds" option (showing the usual stats, but nice touch nevertheless).

Now this is awesome. My favourite part was "Video destroyed. Game over". Lol

Haha, so awesome

Another one: type Alt-F4 during a video.

Awesome stuff... although my boss wouldn't think so ;-)

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