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What's wrong with this? Apple are openly providing this information for you to view - rather than others who don't even warn the user. Plus, it's improving their services which you more than likely need.

Why complain? You can opt out.

> Why complain?

Because the person in the article is German, and Germans love their privacy-by-default and opt-in. Datenschutz ├╝ber alles.

Germany has the "benefit" of having experienced the Gestapo and Stasi so there is knowledge how dangerous omniscient parties are.

So learning lessons from totalitarianism is totalitarian? WTF did I just read?

i didn't complain i am just scared that they logged me without telling me.

On all my devices this was defaulted off. I didn't turn it on via settings screen, but in response to an early alert box asking if OK to keep track of usual locations to help compute travel times. Agreeing turned this on.

iPhone asks you if you want to enable Location Services when a) you set it up the first time, and b) when an app wants to use location data

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