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Society has accepted to be tracked all the time/everywhere with the introduction of mobile phones.

If we don't like this, we should start to talk more proactively to people about the dangers our technology brings.

In my opinion, "accepted" is not the most precise word to describe it. If telco companies would say at the beginning: "You can buy mobile phone from us, but the part of the deal is that you will be tracked. Do you accept that?" If most people say Yes, that would be accepting it.

The reality was, that it was slowly revealed over time that the tracking is being done, and most people realized it only after mobile phones became a norm and very hard to get rid of.


I'd say that it's the responsibility of those familiar with technology to reveal what possibilities it opens up.

And of course it's the responsibility of the Press to give these points the visibility they deserve.

And one problem of the past was probably the disconnect between tech people and Press people (tech was not understood by the people behind the presses). Today, we have tech bloggers and social media. Let's hope this will make up for something.

indeed. And the worst part imo is: it is simply too late now. Half the planet seems addicted to their phone and won't give it up no matter how deep it goes into your private life.

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